Our consultancy service works in partnership with Economic Development Agencies worldwide to grow business and employment through the formulation of organizational and institutional strategy, foreign direct investment and trade development initiatives.
Economic Development Agencies benefit by having:

  • An instant presence in the European, American, African and Asian markets.

  • A solid structure that allows them to quickly get down to business


The range of services includes International Trade Development, Foreign Direct Investment, Market Intelligence and Strategic Planning. Services range from strategy formulation to actual implementation, with the prime motive of growing Trade and Investment.

When you want to hire a business development consultant, you need someone you can trust. You need someone who has empathy with you and your business. 


In a competitive and challenging marketplace, you would not risk your revenues on a whim and a wish. You need business consultants who get results. You want them delivering a tangible and measurable return on your investment. You need Origami Engineering.


With nearly four decades of experience, we understand the challenges you might face. This is why our business consultants are all practitioners, not theorists. Thus, when it comes to helping you develop and execute plans and strategies, we get the results you want.


Origami Engineering consultants have the skills and experience to help you and your business. From small to corporate level consultants, we offer a breadth experience. We deliver with our services that are pragmatic, practical and cost effective.

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