What we do

In business, to handle new ideas and test their feasibility, or bring them to fruition, you cannot ask the first one passing by. You have to contact your Business Development Consultant. 


We propose and submit to clients' evaluation operational plans to implement their idea, and we will operate as if you were to lead things directly. We will do in your own way, with shared decisions. We will determine how to proceed with you at every stage and will leave you in control of everything.


Like an architect who builds the house often recommending a color or shape, suggesting spaces and walls. Similarly, our counselors will suggest techniques and strategies, clients will evaluate with us the obstacles and market spaces.

You just need to know that we all are serious professionals and that the outlined plans match your request.


Origami Engineering is all this and a lot more. With Origami, you can always find ways to expand. Expanding in your own way, with your measurements, the way you like.


With Origami, you can develop a small idea, a small market or you can be ambitious and think of new strategies to international markets, or to the most advanced technologies.


Origami combines an excellent Business Development to the Advanced Engineering in many areas.
We are a team of professionals, each one competent in their area and field. For this, ​we can serve small, medium and large enterprises with the same efficiency.


Discover our secrets and call us for a chat free of charge. Book a call or send a fax to our +44 207 8553786.

Tell us who you are and what you have in mind, and we will help you to understand that we are the right people to assist you.