ORIGAMI ENGINEERING Begins a Strategic Alliance with Senior Expert Consultant

Origami Engineering is pleased and proud to announce the creation of a strategic alliance with a top-shelf senior expert, Prof. Sofoklis Makridis.

The main purpose of the cooperation of Prof. Makridis is supporting projects and sourcing skilled management for of the forthcoming Italian unit of Origami Engineering, that will be based in Milan.

Sofoklis has used multidisciplinary approaches related to materials, technology, and innovation. Consultancy in Hydrogen-Renewable Energy. Editor-in-Chief and Editor (Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science and Technology, Engineering) of STM publishers

Specialties of Prof. Makridis are Experimental and Theoretical Approaches regarding Materials Science and Engineering, Innovation Processes, Applied Energy, Materials Technology for Energy Policy. Magnetic materials, Hydrogen Storage, SOFCs, hydrogen compressors, hydrogen embrittlement, ferrites, composites. Rare-earth transition metals, Intermetallics, Polymer Composite Matrices, thermoelectrics (experimental and modeling of modules). Crystallography, Microscopy, Magnetometry, Chemisorption.

He also has experience as a supervisor of traditional and practice-based PhDs in the UK and Europe, and of Ph.D. by published works, and as a Ph.D. examiner.

Supporting the Origami Engineering challenge Prof. Makridis has declared: "Origami Engineering is a place to build bases from simple things. I like simplicity and I love to work in a simple way of relationships and partnerships. Clear solutions with innovative ways by simple approaches gave the best developments in life. This is what Origami Engineering wants and we will do".

He will be working side by side with Dr. Laura Grassi, senior partner for Pharmaceutical and Health Care field at Origami Engineering, and upcoming MD of the new unit, who is saying: "I'm confident about the contribution of Sofoklis to Origami, thanks to his solid experience and wide professional network. At Origami we do believe that trusting the right people means to let them bring the best results even outside the usual business or academic boundaries. I wish Sofoklis the best professional achievements with the Origami Engineering team".

The Founder Senior Partner R. Grassi says "Sofoklis ideas and vision are a perfect match to our business model. He will be part of developments where innovation-driven mind of Sofoklis will add value and the new Italian unit that will greatly benefit of his contribution."

Prof. Sofoklis Makridis is now operating as Independent Expert Senior Consulting Partner. The Italian unit that is expected to be in place by October this 2017. He will be also part of developments in the UK with specific targets in the segments of his skills.

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