Origami and ODIG Consulting Partners for Romania and Europe

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ODIG Investment Consultancy and Origami Engineering finally sign their Agreement on a Consulting Partnership, as for a first term of West and East European business co-operation on various domains.

"We enjoy very much with the possibility to enrich our team with international business skilled consultants, namely Mr. Dan Ion Oprea, the owner of ODIG Investment Consultancy. The projects Origami Engineering scheduled for 2019 will be supported by his abilities and knowledge gained along his more than 30 years of career in private and public projects’ management, as well as by his partners. Our projects address industrial, commercial and administration sectors. In sustainable Business Development the knowledge of the environment and most suitable procedures often change apparently small projects into strategic ones. A good tactic though is to find the most fitted expert for the field you scope." says Raffaella Grassi, Senior Partner at Origami Engineering.

Mr. Dan Oprea targets the energy, transportation and water nexus, both from technical and labour perspectives, as his background consists of water engineering and economic management of water supply urban investment projects. Nonetheless, his most recent expertise recommends him as an adviser on European Union affairs, as he registered with expert groups working by European Commission, Parliament and Council.Mr. Oprea has greatly developed his profile as active in European Union’s projects, like PHARE ISPA and SAPARD in Romania, as well as in IBRD Investment projects’ studies and works’ execution. He also became experienced on delivering lectures and seminars on related fields.By his service at the Romanian Ministry of Labour and Social Justice, he gained valuable insights on EU free trade agreements with Turkey, Macedonia, Albania, Croatia, Serbia, Republic of Korea, India, Indonesia, South Africa, Canada, Israel and Russian Federation. He is also experienced as delegate the Fifth Bilateral Summit European Union, United States of America on safety and health at work, part of TTIP, and also the Fifth Joint Conference European Union, People Republic of China on labour employment.

His assignments included contributions to Database Centre for North Korean Human Rights, to European Commission's Advisory Committee on Health and Safety at Work and on European Framework on European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations - ESCO, among others.

More information about Mr. Oprea is available on www.odig.eu.

Mr. Oprea sees this partnership having a great potential both in Great Britain and Romania. He added “I am glad to provide my expertise within the very professional projects developed through Origami Engineering group. The great opportunity that opens in front of us is the best use of skills and expertise within the European region and further. BREXIT evolution brings more motivation and creative design in scheduling and applying the best practices in places and fields needing it. For me, it is a privilege to join Ms. Raffaella Grassi's team, as I commit ODIG Investment Consultancy and its partners to the noble scopes of Origami Engineering.”


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